Breaking the fall

is only done

with your head screwed on.

Getting away

with it all

is a ruthless chore

and nothing more.


I’m fading away in the world,

but my light still shines.

Decayed, but amazed that it hurts

when your body’s striking mine.


The ego has to go,

there’s no more room

for a one man show.

Lost in the afterglow,

there’s more to know

than what’s our own.


It never gets easier.

Love only complicates life,

yet you’re feeding it.

Banking on some kind of payoff,

believing it.

The only big lies

are the ones we tell ourselves.


You can’t catch me as I’m falling,

your arms were never there.

Laughing as you stand above me,

pushing me down the stairs.

I might break

and I might tumble;

I might never say a word,

but I’m learning to be humble

in a temporary world.


My body might be able

in return

receive the Earth,

’cause I’m training to be stable,

never sure what’s coming first.

Might be a fist, might be affection,

even time can’t tell, it seems.

So long since I’ve admitted

that I’m just as scared,

yet better prepared

than I’ve ever been.


HG – 2016

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