Free Refills

Setting amber sun

gleaming off too much chrome.

Worn, vinyl seats,

buzzing “DINER” sign

and coffee so strong

it could carry itself to the table.


Last refuge

before the desert.

Before all thoughts

of a previous life

are abandoned.


The cheeseburger and fries

are good, but greasy.


like a condemned man;

chewed slowly.


Little bell

above the door,

rings when people

come and go,

but I barely notice them.


I am gazing West,

into the desert

and the setting sun

and an uncertain future.

Turning my back

on love

and pain,

but not death.


Death behind me.

Death in front of me.

Caught between

“The Devil and the deep blue sea”.

That’s what my grandfather would say.

That and I’m a fucking idiot

for getting into this mess

in the first place.


Death behind me

and death to come.


The waitress wears a sky blue apron.

She has shoulder length, brown hair,

kind eyes

and large breasts

and refills are free.

So, I’m in no hurry

to head West.


I’ll just sit here for a while

and watch the Sun

sink into the desert.


HG – 2016

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