Saving The World and Me First

Knowing what is right

and doing what is right;

I don’t think the two ideas

could be more different.


Sure, I know you’re drowning,

but saving you is another matter altogether.


It requires me being involved.

It requires me being accountable for the outcome.

It requires me to relinquish my seat as the

“Critical Observer” and move into the role of…

… do-gooder?



High pedestals for someone who just does the right thing.


Truth is not exclusive to the superior being,

nor is kindness, nor compassion, nor sacrifice.

Every person is capable of these things,

except the psychopath…

… they know what is right,

but act for their own reasons,

so we’re not inviting them to this discussion.


So, what restrains us from being the “Good”

that we know is needed in this world?



Self interest?


Perhaps we have all become psychopaths

and this story is really about

how we fix each other first

and then the World.


What would you give

to save yourself?

What would you give

to save another?

What is in you to give?

What precious thing do you possess

that no one else does?

If all has been given for you,

what do you have to give?


If you know what is right,

could you do it?


HG – 2016


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