One Dichotomy

I am borne

of love and hardship.

Of battle scars

and tender hearts

and fiery passions,

stoked by confrontation.


I am a creature of conflict,

at peace within my soul;

for I know the worst

this world can bring me,

is Death;

my oldest friend.


I am built upon defeats

and my bones

are thickly fissured

with healed failures.

Stronger now

where they were broken,

or so I am told.


Every victory is just a lull in combat.

Quickly drunken of,


The shudder and groan of climax,

then gone.

The memory fading faster than the act.


A grim cycle of Perdition,

punctuated by brief moments of pleasure

and the knowledge

we are a world

neither good,

nor evil,

but home to both.


I am the storm,

rebuked and welcomed in the same breath.


HG – 2016

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