Deep Black

Deep, black.

This chasm that divides us,

though, if it were

only one inch of division,

it may as well be

the distance to the Moon.


I reach out,

but my arms do not span

the vastness of the gulf

that separates us.

I call out,

but my voice is far too weak

to make a noise great enough

to reach you.


I could build a bridge,

but bridges can be dangerous

and sometimes, they are built

with our own

skin and bones,

so by the time we reach each other,

there is nothing left to embrace.


Deep, black.

The abyss that separates us.

In some ways

it may be what defines us.

It is the void

into which we might cast our cares,

that place of no return,

where nothing can escape.

A great place

for disposing of emotional detritus.

Discarding loss

and pain

and sorrow,

into the vast space between us,

because the void doesn‘t care.


I have heard you speak

the words in my head

and I would say them in kind,

only if they would not be lost.


Deep, black.

The silent fear.

The gnawing regret,

that also goes into the pit,

the gulf, the incomprehensible abyss…

… and I turn away.


It can be dangerous

to shine a light

into the darkness.


HG – 2016

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