Forever Us

What do I have to say

except, “I love you”?

All the other words

are failing me.

You’ve been the reason

that I’ve fought

these battles.

Struggled on

despite my frailty.


As we grow,

I hope our hearts follow.

Feed them all the love

we’ve ever known.

But this world is hard,

even when it’s shallow.

Makes our cares as heavy

as a stone.


Stop wondering

there’s only one thing

that brings life

to the desert.

It seems that despite

our best efforts we cling

to the things that bring

us down,

so we can’t fuck around.


Our love is all we have.

One gift, one hope, one chance.

One breath, one blood, one life

and I know I’d give mine.

Forever you.


Never be stumbling and staggered.

Not fumbling with what doesn’t matter,

uncaring and courting disaster.

The end I’ve always wanted

is with you.

I’m lost in the dark without guidance.

Your love is the light that shines brightest.

Oh, woe to what tries to divide us.

I’m never fucking

giving up on



Oh, calm my mind,

before the fire burns me up.

I’m trying to find

a way to make this work for us.

I’ll be blown away

one day soon enough,

but we have today

so we can be in love.

Forever Us.


HG – 2016

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