A Gift of Flowers

I killed something beautiful

and gave it to you as a gift…

… OK, I only bought you flowers.

I didn’t really kill anything;

but if the flowers don’t improve your mood,

then maybe killing something would.

No, that’s illegal.

We’ll have to stick with flowers.


Funny, how we attempt to bring

the beauty of the garden into the home,

with gifts of fresh cut flowers

that are dead within a week.

Now, we have brought

the beauty of the compost pile

into our homes.


Dead things.

Sitting in a cheap, dollar store vase.

Looking all cheap

and dead.

How thoughtful.


Maybe the carcass of some dead thing

really would make a better gift.

At least it would take more effort

than stopping by the Safeway after work.

But, alas! It is not hunting season

and there does not seem to be

hordes of enemies at the door

begging to be slain,

so I guess flowers are the civilized thing;

for now.


Perhaps their color

will brighten your eyes.

Perhaps their beautiful scent

will ease the stress of daily labours.

Maybe, it is just the simple act

of someone giving a gift,

that will make you feel singularly special,

because you are unique and precious to me.


So, I guess you will get flowers

and someone will get to keep their life

and I will avoid being arrested

and the long, drawn out court case

where I explain that I killed someone

because I think flowers are tacky.


At least, for now – you’ll have to settle,

for these roses, daisies, lilies

carnations and tulips;

at least until hunting season.


HG – 2016

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