It’s Always Darkest

I wake long before the sun

and drink deeply of the darkness

and hot coffee,

contemplating the stillness

of the night

and the coming dawn.


In its infancy,

the day has great potential;

before daylight

illuminates both

our glory and our shame.


Before the symphony

of discordant voices

are handed their sheet music;

to begin another march,

or dance,

or funeral dirge.


There are moments

in the pre-dawn

when one can wonder

at the coming of the day.

Excitement and trepidation,

nervous and elated,

nearly overcome at the arrival

of that pink-gold light on the horizon.


In the brief moments

before we roll upon our orbit,

spinning to face that

ball of burning gas again;

in the darkness,

I can be unique,

different and special.

In the light of day,

we are all the same,

but the dark sets us apart.

Sometimes I wonder

why I even sleep?


HG – 2016

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