The Clean End

We used to play in the gutter;

now we use it to flush shit down.

We used to care for each other;

don’t go playing innocent  now.


We watched our cares

circle the bowl

and we were relieved

they were off of our shoulders.


Out of our minds,

out of our heads,

out of control;

somehow not dead.


Where did the smile in your eyes go?


We ran so fast to the future,

thought we had it all figured out.

Hatched all our plans on computers;

abandoned with one punch in the mouth.


Never more disarmed,

unprepared and uninspired.

Proclaiming we’ve made it so far,

I bet your arms must be tired;

’cause constantly patting yourself on the back

ain’t easy,

oh, I know.

Thinking one thing, when another is true;

is insanity

– down we go.


Do you think you get a pass

to talk down to us now?

Do you think that you’ve evolved

above the chaos and the crowd?

That by virtue of your age,

or fashionable moral code,

you’ve somehow crawled out of the ditch

and now you’re walking down the road?

Well listen up you little bitch;

you haven’t come that far,

I still catch a whiff of shit,

every time you think you’re better than you are.


One good rain

and everyone drains down.

Knowledge of pain

isn’t retained,

or we’d be insane now.

Pride and conceit,

lie and we cheat

and we think we gain ground.

Top of the heap,

’til the ground at our feet

begins to break down


– and we are just flushed

back in the gutter again.


HG – 2016

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