In All Of It

I have 2 eyes

that see all ways,


and never languish.

I have one tongue

that is never done

turning my insides

in any language.


I have loved all

and been loved

in return.

In any moment,

I am death come

in the morning

to everyone

some time or other.


I have been truth

to every one of you;

either in your youth,

or on your death bed.

I have been at war,

been what you’re fighting for,

only to be ignored

and neglected.


I have watched you fall.

I have saved you.

Done nothing at all

and suffered for it.

I am all things,

at all times;

I am the trees

and the forest.


I can sing with words

of crashing surf

and cries of birds

and leaves blown;

or speak silently

with snowfall

and beams of light

and seeds grown.


HG – 2015

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