The Messiah

I was lost in darkness

and you sent a light to find me,

for I had lost all,

gained nothing

and fallen, corrupting

my soul;

until you showed me something

I know

was the truth

of love

and all those other things

that seemed so far away,

that could only dream of.


Seeking the Word of the King.

Succumbing in ecstasy to God.

Let His Word be my bond,

for He can do anything;

He created everything.


He has come and shown the Spirit,

purged the temple,

healed the leper

and He died upon the cross,

so we could be again together.


His promise

that all this

will test us in time,

so I love in my heart,

in my soul,

in my mind.


All the sin of the world;

knowing it is to be

forgiven in me.


I cannot thank enough,

but to give the world my love.

In all the time that remains,

I shall praise your name.


HG – 2004

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