This is forgiveness,

such is this bliss.

Exposed to the sands

and the deeds of my hands.

Walked up and down the line

with a mind to dig it under,

’til it came upon my mind

and I was set afire with wonder.


If it is to be,

then let it be in me,

for your will is the salt

which flavors the sea.


And I know I have missed the point

a time or two,

sinned against the many

and forgiven by the few.

Sanctity seems so far away

when I live in yesterday.


With this love I call it

part of me.

More and more

prophecy – what’s meant to be.

Of less and nevermore,

through threes and conscience

knocking at my door,

receiving a promise.


And though doubt will trouble me,

I will love

and throw the coals

with sense of subtlety.

You come for me

and all of those

who would do in your name,

what saves us our sins,

free of pride and of shame.

So now our work begins.

Live alive in you – Stand not on sand – I hear and understand.


HG – 2004

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