A Wake and A Dream

Just behind your eyes,

in a blink sometimes,

just between the scenes

lies this life of mine.

You can look

you can seek,

but I’m just out of reach.

To get to me

you have to have been

between a wake

and a dream.


If you hold out your hand,

you might feel my untouched


linger for a moment

on your lips.

Just out of the corner

of your eye,

you might see my shadow

in the door,

but when you look

I’m not there anymore.

I’m who you’ve never met

yet always recognize;

You’ll see me clearly

every time you die.


I am everywhere

and nowhere all the time.

That little voice in the back

of your mind.

Sometimes guiding,

sometimes fighting you.

My name is embraced

and hated, too.

Never there,

when you want me too.

Where I begin and end

depends upon

your point of view,

but there is one thing

I can guarantee;

you’ll finally find me

in the space between

a wake

and a dream.


HG – 2016

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