Falling Grace

I’m using you

for all the wrong reasons.

I’m failing and fading away,

but I’m lying in wait

for some better day

so I can waste that one too.


It just takes a second

to lose it all forever.

Only one blink of an eye

to be free,

never tethered,

never better;

seeking my shepherd

among the severed.

Can’t seem to escape

this pain and dismay,

or even get it together

to enjoy the day

I’ll be slain for your pleasure.


I’m all I ever wanted,

all I ever trusted;

except you.

All I ever nurtured,

all I ever murdered

was for you.


I’m flying away

on the wings

of bad angels again.

I’m rusty and tired,

trust me – I lied.

Never as soft a fall

as it seems from the sky,

but I’m comfort in some sort

of avid, falling grace.

I’m losing now, so confused

who gave you those bruises

all over your face?


Am I lost, or merely lying?

Crying over losing you.

Am I soft, or just rotten?

‘Cause often I can’t tell

the difference between the two.

Am I dead, or just dying?

‘Cause inside I’m smiling;

no difference

between me and you.


HG – 2006

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