Arrival at an Unexpected Conclusion

I have blessings in my life

I will never be worthy of,

but I will fight every day

to return the love

I am now part of.

Shedding old skin

by grinding away



My present resembles nothing

that I ever dreamed;

far more than I ever asked for.

I can scarce believe.


Faith laid the way to this place,

never would have made it alone.

I’ve saved everything, but face,

given up myself for something great.

I am here by the skin of my teeth,

the grace of God

and blood I didn’t bleed,

but I’ll proudly shed it now

to protect this house.


I have been many wicked things

and some I’ll always be,

but I will keep kicking

the devil off my shoulder

to give the angel a chance to breathe.

I never conceived

of an honest, normal life.

I shattered my restraints

to wade into the fight.

I woke from dope and demons

and found myself alight

with fire and indicnation

erasing my whole life.

So I filled my space

with what I shout would suffice.

Turns out it was a lie.


Now I’m going back to basics,

back to faith

and making something

with what God gave.

For what I create on my own

is corrupted,



insane – until now.


Something new has come.


HG – 2013

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