That Moment of Supplication

Jesus handed me the bread

and said, “This is my Body.”

Jesus handed me the wine

and smiled, “This is my Blood”

and then He passed me a new promise,

said He loved us all so much.


Tempted – He denied the enemy,

then He was crucified for me

and suffered like no other,

so now we stand where God can see

and hear our prayers.

I know He’s there – all the time.


Sick with sin, He heals my soul;

lays down peace upon my mind.

Jesus handed me a way

back to the alpha and the end,

so I might return to my Father,

for I have His Son as a friend.


Don’t let my love wax cold,

don’t let my cup run dry,

I’ll bear my cross and keep my faith;

oh, my Lord and I shall never die.

Made the impossible your game,

just to let me see your face

and when He died, He cracked the veil

and we beheld the name of Grace.

Now I can never fail.


Please God, don’t let my love wax cold,

expel the demon from my soul,

for in this world, I lose control,

when I lose you – oh, make me new

– I’m coming Home-


Father of kings and beggars,

Saviour of saints and sinners;

keep us pure, help us endure,

survive the coming winter.

Soul without you is just empty,

another cracked pot,

a vessel with no burden,

empty of sin;

unsuitable for holding water.

Fill me with love

because I fear this fear

will consume what I’m made of.


No patience – Lord, oh help me!

No faith – oh Lord, oh help me!

Praying to keep up, full of Grace,

when sin abounds around me.

Oh God, I love you!

Oh Jesus, hold my soul.

‘Cause I’m drifting on the ocean;

I see you walking out from shore.


Oh faith! I love, oh faith! Now I know,

I can’t waste

 what is eternal.

Cannot squander that which belongs to God.

A guard of this body of Christ.

A follower of King of kings

and Lord of lords.


Sin is not final – Forgiveness is.

Jesus Himself showed us not all life is bliss,

but if I can find in me the place

where Grace dwells,

then I could stand up to myself;

even to the gates of Hell.


Oh, let me know

the power of love,

for divinity seems so far from humanity,

only Christ can save me.


-Save me – oh, Lord.

only Christ can save me,

oh save me, oh Lord.

Save me.


HG – 2000-2005

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