Rain Rolls Down

She’s not alright tonight,

the passion’s gone and she’s burned out.

Gave up the right to fight

and she’s blaming Him for how it turned out.


‘Cause when the party’s over

and the moment’s just a memory,

when the sun has set,

she feels so alone.

She can’t forgive herself,

so how could He?

The love that she’s felt physically

is the root of all the hurt she’s ever known.


Can’t believe she’s so low,

seems so long ago,

a little girl with a smile,

rain drops on the window.


Can’t see her way past

the love that don’t last.

She’d give it all up

if she could, but she can’t

and the angels hear

her pray in her heart

for release;

and as the rain rolls down her window,

God grants this young girl peace.


All the love in the world

comes and goes,

it isn’t built to last.

She feels the weight

that we all know,

that life goes by so fast.

It’s not easy as it was to know

God’s love as a child,

and as the rain rolls down her window,

God holds her and she smiles.


HG – 2000-2005

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