We’re so small sometimes,

trying to defend ourselves

from some threat perceived

that really isn’t there.

Striking out with venom tongues,

knife in the back sarcasm,

being angry

just makes us act so dumb – so numb.


Has the world so taught us fear,

we would the ones we love?

Can’t tell our enemies from friends,

what are we so afraid of?


As I’m pushing you down,

too late I see,

you’re not my enemy.


I can’t live this cold no more

don’t want things to be like they were before,

throwing punches like God’s keeping score.


It only drives the wedge further

no faith in each other – at all.

In the heat of the moment

we lose our heads

and our hearts shortly follow.


We shouldn’t have to be scared,

looking over our shoulders,

’cause there’s no one there,

just our fears to get over.

Before all is lost,

before all is gone

and pain prevails

and the silence has won.


I don’t want to fight anyone,

never mind everyone

– especially you-


HG – 2000-2005

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