Just a Minute

Oh shit! It seems I’ve had a moment too long,

had a second for reflection,

now it all seems wrong.

Must not have been right,

if I’m sitting down to right this song,

instead of  heading down the road

searching for the coming dawn.


These expectations

are constantly

turned on their heads

and I can’t believe

I went for the instead

and I know who’ll care

when I’m gone;

now I know who I’ll love

before I’m dead.


There comes a moment when…

… there comes a moment when… it’s alright.

It seems like yesterday

tomorrow faded in hindsight.



Waited so long to be


making this choice for me.


Heard the calling

and I couldn’t wait

to go – but  now I have to stay.

Missing mind to hesitate

afraid it is now far too late

to go – I know – my fate.


HG – 2000-2005

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