Singing a song

and I will let it linger.

For so long,

I have hated whole the hunger.

Led an open mind to a closed door

– forcing the breach.

Draining my mind more

– experience the leech.


Bonded and bitter,

forsaking and taking.

Done more that I thought I could

to be mistaken.


Simplify and call me stupid,

not so easy – not a lie.

Crazy as a motherfuck,

might as well be left to die.


Instead of crying my eyes out,

or blowing my brains out;

using anger and liquor

to drive all the shame out.

Pride in I so weak in her,

reflects on what we never were.


Getting together one single thought

to hold and call my own.

There’s so little left of me,

all I am is skin and bones

and righteous rage,

soul for a sucker,

fade where touched

by self indulgent fuckers.


Humor it all

one second longer

and I’ll be stuck with the bill.

Don’t want change, or a dance

from luck, or circumstance;

I’ve got my own dreams to fulfill.


HG – 2000-2005

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