The Joy of Separation

Peaceful slumber comes,

like death, or a sedated nod;

when done severing,

one sees everything.


Dropped out to be a part,

alone and at home in the dark,

cursed to finish what you start.


So this newfound heart,

becomes the fire that burns,

the mind that yearns

to cut that nerve…

                                                … and float away…

…using my soul as a sail.


Free and functional.

Fucking wonderful.


Not tied to wait,

exist as sound,

hear me wave

as the ship goes down.


Come too far now

to exist in this,

losing pieces like a leper,

not a lover who will linger,

or a sick and tethered shepherd.

Holding on has left me lonely,

letting go seems to fit in.

All the chains no longer hold me,

I have severed every limb.


Sharing the Joy of Separation,

seems the only thing to do now.

If you can’t get free of this situation;

then I will bring the blade,

the needle and the noose

and I will show you how.

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