A Comment on “The Weaklings” & “The Joy of Separation”

These two pieces represent a turning point and what I feel is “the climax” of “The Malcontent”. A point of revelation and loss of inhibition and restraint. No longer tied to relationships, addiction, expectation and past traumas, finding freedom to move on. I think these pieces depict a change in mindset, where I was finally able to distance myself from toxic relationships and begin to differentiate myself from my circumstances, cutting away those things that were detrimental to me and letting go of the emotional and psychological traumas that I had allowed to define me. This is right about the time I changed my life and I will include a few pieces from that time as resolution; a “light at the end of the tunnel”, if you will, but I want the collection to mostly be about the journey, not the destination.

If you’ve held on this long, take heart; we are on the home stretch, now.


HG – 03/17/16


7 thoughts on “A Comment on “The Weaklings” & “The Joy of Separation”

  1. I’ve enjoyed the journey so far. When your done posting these older pieces will you continue to write (and post) new poems? I enjoy your style.

    1. Yes, of couse! All my recent pieces get posted in the “Poetry – Capturing Synaptic Lighting” category. One day they too will be a collection.

    1. Oh, I forgot to mention, you might enjoy someof the stuff in “The Shadowy Side of The Street” category. It’s where I plan to put all my future horror fiction and poetry.

      1. I will definitely check it out. I didn’t realize you had other categories since the reader was only showing me your latest posts. Now I’ll be crawling around your blog checking out the nooks and crannies 🙂

        P.S.: Have you thought about adding additional tabs at the top for the various collections? Makes it easy to find a tab right at the top and see everything for a particular category.

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