Redundant Life

Dropped out – Ground down

So proud – Now loud unbound.

I’ve come – Gone long – Singles suffer.

Now one from none and no other.


Building bridges just to burn,

afraid you’ll have to wait your turn,

because it takes time

to fuck it up right.


Holy and heathen – feeding the demon,

that laughs as my blood hits the steel.

The hatred that waits,

ain’t just good it’s great,

as long as that’s all you want to feel.


The hope is the rope,

making fear in all lives,

when you drain yourself low

one friendship at a time.

Alone you’re a beggar,

no better together,

sowing the seeds of disease in your mind.


Lifelong – strong and wrong,

a kiss from your lips – from the crypt I am drawn;

making much out of nothing – this song,

bears my soul to the hole where I live and belong.


HG -2000-2005

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