Again I Go Away

It seems that I might never find another way,

than this cold dark life that I myself designed

and when she looks,

I turn and walk the other way;

forsaking all I love, but she don’t mind.


It might never make a difference to you,

but it does to me.

I’ve walked away from everyone,

even myself – that has made what you see.


So say good-bye

one last time,

the game is over,

I’ve said my lines.

It ain’t easy

to see your eyes

as I walk away.


Dry the face – in my haste – I am laid low,

’cause I live in the place where the pain goes.

She takes blame, just the same,

still she don’t know;

love in this life ain’t easy

when you’ve already died inside.


Turning away,

don’t worry about me.

I’m running today,

I’m setting her free from me.


Thought it didn’t matter,

took a chance and I was wrong,

she said she could go no faster,

I guess she knew all along;

that this bitter son of anger

couldn’t live in light forever.

Never love this life together,

cause in time it all falls apart.


I couldn’t stay,

so I’ll say


Sorry for wasting your time.


HG – 2000-2005

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