Little Mother

Hello, can you help me to grow?

Out of the grave, out of sorrow?

Little Mother – Light shines always,

interred inside you – like a life raise

me from the earth – your heart of rebirth.


Draw me from my shroud and shadow,

give me the love I’m too sick to show.

Little Mother – Soul of nurture

Erase the death – with living breath,

coax from this shattered past my future.


All this destruction lies.

We are forever entwined.

Takes all the waste away,

returns my life to me.

Many they do miss

her, the healer of all things.

A little piece of us,

in everything our Little Mother brings.


Ground infertile – Seeds lie sterile,

all because of long forgotten balance,

an old dishonoured promise.

Cannot live in this, for long;

need untainted Earth to exist on.

Clean blood, through love.

No more life ignored.

Floats me through the venom in my soul,

cradles and cures me,

’til I’m dying no more.


HG – 2000-2005

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