For Your Sake

No hate – No vice – So nice this love.

Where is the one that I dream of?

All waste decays – so drive beyond

’til all the pain of life is gone.


Wash it away with the rain,

cascading like a million tears of relief.

Watch it all happen again,

such is the price of belief.


A weak heart – Stricken mind

Must find – A new start.


Where the clouds break,

where the healing lies

and for your sake

hope is realized.


Taking the taste of our defeat

and drink away the bitter flavor,

in a way it is where we each

lay down to meet the saviour.


In your eyes, the soul reflected,

angst and apathy rejected

for a whisper on the wind that

it’s all coming to be made whole.


Oh, and for so long been waiting,

sick of whining and complaining.

It’s a temporary fascination,

infatuated to have no control.


HG – 2000-2005

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