Brake Slippage

It only takes a second

to torture yourself forever;

breaking up – breaking down,

or just say “Fuck it” altogether.

Just an instant – don’t you miss it,

your whole life passes you by;

a short flicker in the moment,

in the blink of an eye.


How could you let it get away?

The fear is plain upon your face,

but it’s alright, sometimes you find

that you’re not alone – all inside.


No one can truly have knowledge

to flawless responses to choices in life.

We all find problems and usually cause them

by thinking we know what we don’t when we lie

about anything meaningful.


Nowhere is there…

…so beautiful.


Mind of a child,

or feeling a hundred years old.

It all flies by so fast,

that it’s so often hard to take hold.


Missing a link to what’s real around;

get your fucking head out of the ground.


Runs through my hands,

like a body passing under me.

Ruins all my plans,

but not all that it seems to be.

If you question all the reasons

for this life then you are missing

so many possibilities.


HG – 2000-2005

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