Visually Distorted

Vision – This uncompromising stare,

lays me bare – layer by layer.

No cover – No other

No faking it.

True one and to you

the ultimate.

Feed off the mistakes

of our loved ones.

Consume – Regurgitate

and hope you don’t

choke on it.


Exposed – Naked as a newborn

I grow – To celebrate this form.

This diet of poison,

chemical gaze cannot see.

Done covering my tracks,

I will let her find me.


Kind corrects the double vision,

mind of mine it seeks direction.

Find it in the love, not hunger,

eyes are wide with awe and wonder.


Let it flow through me.

I’m growing away from who I was.

The cure calls me to see

past all the things I’ve done.


HG – 2000-2005

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