That’s Gratitude For Ya!

I am rising,

above the garbage,

above the flesh;


Got to write it out,

sing it out,

scream it out.

Let it get the best of me?

No – I don’t think so.


For crying out loud,

it’s you who set it up this way,

made every facet of the game

and bitch and whine when someone

wins their own way.


Some say they were just doing their job,

others that they were only taking orders,

some do it for fun – they like it a lot!

Everyone else is doing it for spite

                -Fuck those people!-


Jesus Christ! It’s really getting

ridiculous beyond all description, now!

The guns are in the hands of the chosen ones.

The money buys plenty for any who have some,

if not there must be something wrong with them.


It’s not right

to not want

what they want.


The pushers and politicians.

Pimps with their slick religions,

feeding the sick ambitions

in all of us.

It will be the fall of us.


Tried yours, now I’m winning it

my own way.

Took the time to stop living it

your way.

Killed a little piece of me every day,

until my life was mine.


I’m not gonna buy me a deity.

Won’t dress like I’m owned by your company.

So sick of all these thieving motherfuckers;

honest until they have the chance

to put one over on us.

Advertise ’til our eyes glaze,

we purchase the right to be property,

’cause I know you wanna be soooo cool;

like the movies and music and TV.


Buy a big empty house,

fill it up with empty objects,

turn on your empty minds;

otherwise you’ll probably lose it!

It boggles the mind,

but I don’t dwell on it.


HG – 2000-2005

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