Come on and go

past the sweet beyond,

this is what you have

been waiting for for so long.


Cradle to the whole received,

dead is what was once believed

and a new one rises

from the ash.

Belligerent – Ignorant

take what you can, or can’t

to make a place for it.


Find a little home

for all your sick desires,

a place to lay your head

and light your final fires.

The place, it changes


but the motives all remain the same.

Crawl out the chrysalis you have made.


The revolution is never pretty,

this is a whole new level of ugly.

Don’t need to be painless,

the evolution of this,

comes with the drawing

of breath.

Can’t live with this weakness,

drying out to desert living,

from sea to sand, it’s unforgiving.

Only one or two come through it.


It will happen

with our without you.

Close your eyes,

swallow your pride

and just fucking do it!


HG – 2000-2005

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