Fear Mongering Messiah

How do you feel as it slowly takes hold?

Growing in intensity – fear is normal,

as we’re sliding down

away from solid ground.

Reacting to atrocity,

conditioned by authority

to be – bewildered by apathy.


Does it fade, or merely wither?

Does it taint your perfect picture?

Fear reacts to make us either stronger or insane.

Brings us down, or to our senses,

builds our bridges and our fences.

Fear will strip you naked, until only you remain.


To be you,

you must be stronger than

anything that would seek to wound.


Robbed of right and reason,

we turn to fight our fear and

are overcome – so alien

the feeling.


Making weapons of my weakness,

finding what it takes to seek this,

to face all fear – and make it clear;


                -Who I am-


Who are you beneath your brittle veil?

In love and death there is no neutrality.

Fear and doubt beside the truth turn pale

and give way to reveal your humanity.


Turn it away, before it turns on you,

fear of fear of fear of fear of fear of fear,

dies in the light of one truth.


Afraid – Make it a weapon.

To be – The one in question.

Alive – We learn this lesson.

In fear – We all are Human.


Open; face fear, not to be defeated.

Circle spirals out and is completed

inside ride from hidden

and all could-have-beens not needed.

Your fear shows you, makes you – you.

Can’t hide might as well admit the truth.


HG – 2000-2005

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