I’m running out,

stripping away,

done holding back,

or holding on.

Done none too much,

staggered to stay

and wait ’till someone comes along.

It don’t take me away,

I’m trying to run on out.

See the same thing day after day,

trying to walk,

feet nailed down.


Will she save me?

Or can I go now?

Please set me free,

quitting this lonely ground.

I’m weak,


and dying.

Just want – escape,

or die trying.


Slip out of this confining skin,

one look in her eyes tells me it’s time to begin.

A little room

is all I need,

to breathe and bleed in peace.

Without her I am suffocating.


Just get the fuck out of this space.

Break chains – face pain

Live not separating veins.

She knows me,

though she’s never heard my name.

I’ll emancipate myself.

to meet her outside

of this state of losing grace.


Lived far too long by myself,

with the light in her eyes,

will help me escape.


– help me escape-

-she’ll help me escape-



HG – 2000-2005

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