So now the time has run you down,

like a drunk driver,

suicide bomber;

weak and waiting,

suffer longer.

Drawn out poison,

placed and bought,

this rebel angel;

outlaw – uncaught.


Here lies your sense of right and wrong.

Plague cured – pilfered for a song.

Drag demons out for my benefit.

Malevolent, but the world still needs it.


Cut out – Infections like disease.

Without – Sickening, still in need.


Pleasure will cure this cancer,

lightless life in dark forever.

Gonna open up and bleed upon this,

puncture, pierce and fuck this promise.

Take away the light – darkness will expose,

after futile life – we all lay down in rows.


So many masters –

masochistic motherfuckers,

sadists and bastards,

devour each other.

HG – 2000-2005

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