Stoner Loop

Cure – Cut – Inhaled

All my mistakes flash before my eyes.

From the lips, to the lungs,

to the tongue – I become numb

and I’ll smile for while.

Pain floats away on the smoke,

pride and derision a joke,

laughing until I choke.


It still remains the only way

to bond the people, ease the fear,

no longer distant – separated,

through the haze our minds are clear.

Come on over – we’ll get low,

blow the day away together,

as it grows – we will stay lit forever.

Showing us what we don’t’ know.

-Looking inside-

A lift on the shoulders of God’s real gift.

Passed around to ease the pressure,

only way I can live

                with all of this bullshit.


Smoke – Let’s get sedated.

More – Obliterated.

Weed – It’s fucking great, yeah!

I think that I’ll roll another…


HG – 2000-2005

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