One Time

So wrong – So right – Never mattered

in any scheme I’ve ever been a part,

adds another facet to the shard

stuck in my heart.

Begged forgiveness,

but good and evil just melted away.

In this rush – I am hushed,

there’s so little left to say.

Need friends – the company of demons

wearing thin.

A better end – The mask of living

this way lifts – shows through the skin.

My hollow eyes,

craving another to look deep inside.

Living disguise,

following me from dream to demise.

Suspended up above all that I used to be.

Something new comforts me – always abused, you see.

Abstain and live on,

until leprous body finds love.

My spirit remains

below, while I drop from above;

into endless suffering.

Sick on everything.


It’s just like they said,

it will leave you dead.


HG – 2000-2005

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