We wait on each other

to make a move,

fearful fence sitters,

we rarely approve

of our choices;

restrain our voices.

Urging telepathy – afraid to speak,

lest we give up our souls

to anybody just as weak as us,

so often disastrous.


Let it be what it is.

Be all I am.

Unjudging, unfearful,

so clear is my plan.

Let this manic remain a depressive,

expressive and transparent, I

can’t hide behind any lie of mask;

task is to make you see

me in all my faulted glory.

Story in my eyes,

mistakes I will make are mine,

not yours – never done before.


Me and mine might make a million

people turn their heads and stand,

or maybe one, or none will ever

come to see just who I am.

Be tried by fucks and honest criticism,

friends and enemies and God

in all His wisdom.


Can’t take from me

what you’d never do.

Won’t ever have to wait and see,

don’t give a shit if you approve.

My life is dying,

so’s yours, quit denying.

Hold these truths and still you’re lying,

but only to you.

Do what you’re here to do.

What’s precious comes through,

can’t obscure the view.


But I don’t judge,

want you to see the other side,

where we exist undenied.

Not afraid to be tried

for who we are.

Make your mistakes,

that is the lesson,

they make you strong,

there is no question.


HG – 2000-2005

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