High Flyers and Deep Divers

The weight of the dagger
drags your hand down,
so close to the throat;
all you have to do is let go.
The answer is not in the asking,
it’s in the silence that follows.
I have not oppressed myself enough today.
I am far too free with words I cast away.
Have a care for what I’m thinking, what I say,
‘cause the tongue is always sharper than the blade.

Comfort just cloisters and covets,
the taste and the memory of it,
drives me insane with the love, it’s
so high, must climb to its summit,
then back to this madness I plummet.
Only one second I’m losing,
place and a time of my choosing;
based on the breaks and the bruising,
they’re raising the stakes and I’m losing.

I can’t imagine the feeling
of dreaming my way into being.
I’m hearing a voice in the ceiling,
clear through the noise of the screaming.
Telling me that I’m the one,
that you’re the one.
Never were all alone,
just come undone.
Lost our way on the road;
prodigal son.
Daughter of father’s affection,
please come,

Master of self,
gratification and wealth.
Abuse and assassin in stealth,
slipping behind your mind,
killing off everything else.
We could become,
we could be done,
live by the sword
and we sleep with a gun.
Safe when we keep ourselves
locked in our prison cells
hell we create and insane we become.

I see now I’m not bound,
I just can’t let go.
I’ve wrapped my arms around
a cloud of smoke,
believing in a dream that isn’t so.
A tether lasts forever
when it’s wrapped around your soul;
and down we go.

Only high flyers and deep divers
know the world for what it is,
the rest of us might only get a glimpse,
when our head is light and body going limp,
we let the dagger slip.

HG – 2016

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