You Are Weak

You are weak.

Always given over,

yet you never change at all.

Just stay a punk,

keep sucking up

to some other motherfuck,

who won’t be there to catch you when you fall.


You’re so afraid,

fear’s driven you crazy.

Salvation ain’t that easy,

at least not when you’re me.

Survival is not the point,

closed minded until you smoke a joint.

When she comes to save you,

you can’t let go of where you’ve been.

You grasp,

your fragile mind – it snaps

and you left to wallow

in all your sin.


Think something

that’s never been thought before,

by anyone.

Live your life for yourself,

as a race of one.

No hope for the believers

of another’s mind.

They’ll find out they don’t fit in

when they die.


Quit it!

Giving in is only faking.

Live it!

Look at all the shit you’re making

for yourself

and everyone else.


You’re fucking weak and always have been,

always will be.

Start fucking changing,

death alone your sole prognosis;

real life taking all of us

as we are.

Never rely on anyone but yourself,

you have no higher power.

You grow fucking weaker,

hour after hour.


HG – 2000-2005

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