Meth Head

Too young to be numb,

just right for the dumb.

Cooked in a kitchen

and sold to your suburb.

A little bit of our reality,

sold by the point to your child.

Missing light bulbs

stare you in the face,

never notice that we freebase.

Suck back plastic shards into the lungs,

sheds from within;

this is where destruction comes from.


No sleep for days on end.

Pick up the habit from your friends.

So cool to be – a fucking junkie,

’til you realize your mind

and dick don’t work no more.

Afraid of the light,

lay your Christ on glass shards;

think it won’t be that hard,

but this life isn’t something you quit.

There’s a reason why it’s known

as the Dirty Bitch.


Meth Head – just a punk,

hope you have fun.

Dead in your skin,

toxify and then some.

Dirty days long,

so often underestimated.

Can’t wait ’til you try

and leave life completely wasted.

Inner city to the high end,

universities to near dead,

Transcends birth and bread;

make way for the Meth Head.


HG – 2000 – 2005

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