Easing the Descent

She’s sitting on the window sill,

sliding down the wall,

drunk – or merely giving in

to a sick compulsion’s call

and a withered man

says pray and save,

but he don’t understand at all;

easing the descent ain’t quite that easy

– believe me-


Hands let her down slowly,

words aren’t all that holy,

wages paid will only,

kill the pain today.


All my love

I would give,

if it would fill the void behind her.

Never cure, or heal the wounds,

can’t cut away the ties that bind her.

We might somehow save each other,

if she could only find herself,

lost in the pain of losing lovers,

afraid my heaven is her hell.


I’ll find a way to ease

descent into disease,

try to succor without adding

my pain to her need.

As she descends,

I’ll be her friend

’til all the past lies long forgotten.

Let her down slow,

I’ll let it go

and catch her at the bottom.


HG – 2000-2005

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