Dream With me

This state of mind remains

falling from grace each day,

but in the night it shines;

dreams the world away.

And for a little while I smile,

’cause the world it can’t touch me,

I close my eyes real tight

and my mind it is released.


Awake life – lives and dies,

grating – grieving – out of place.

Broken growths and severed ties,

left and leaving – such a waste.


I could be more

compassionate, I know…

You couldn’t seem more

desperate to show…

It’s holdin’ high and wide

all over me.

This haze that blinds my eyes,

but I can still see…

oh, I can still see.


Drinkin’ – Dreamin’ – Down I go

Without love it’s just a bitter pill,

a lie that I can’t swallow.

Maybe one day I’ll dream her

and she won’t go away.

The dream that fades

in waking, is just a fantasy.

The dream is all I need,

can’t bear the weight of waking

all alone again;

got to find my friends.


This hundred dollar distraction

makes for a sad story in time;

won’t die today,

I’ll keep myself in line.

Won’t dream away,

take you all with me

to that place in mind.



want you to come with me.

Ever free,

we’ll share eternally.

So fully,

make words of beauty.


alive with energy.

Dream with me…

                Dream with me…

                                Dream with me…

                                                Forever free…


HG – 2000-2005

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