The Thinnest Thread

I was just a boy

when the stapled their

tag to my forehead,

had to play along

to their songs;

hanging by the thinnest thread.


So now I’m grown up, a little,

but in mind a lot more bitter.

I’ve shed logos and slogans,

traded up my life for litter.

Dropped out and acid,

changed where my stash hid.

Got no girl, but I’m always looking

out for one to whom nothing’s shocking.


They couldn’t make me bow

– look at me now-


I’m  still going on down,

I’ve found out how,

to fuck the world properly;

gonna take you all with me.

Drive it out like a demon.

Show you assholes some feeling.

Not gonna clean these wounds,

let the sky do it for me.

Rain down – soak me to the shoes

and leave me finally clean.


HG – 2000 – 2005

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