Never Together

Crossing over,

no way home.

Hope has died,

left me alone.

I’ve tried

to identify with her

and I cry

as she tells me of another.


Rejected with a laugh,

feel like a fool.

Wish I could keep her away,

instead I break the only rule

I haven’t crossed.

Fucked up and lost.


Thought I could do it right,

then she turns off the light;

leaves the darkness as my friend.

Sometimes glad for such abuse,

sometimes wish it would end.


Have to tell her I’m done,

don’t have the strength to go on,

with a dream unlived and dead.

I hang on words unsaid.

With touches left unfelt.

Decide to raise a welt

upon my arm;

allow the ultimate harm,

in the place of something beautiful.


When she’s gone – will I smile?

Or nurture my regrets?

Will I always remember?

Or die trying to forget?


Never – together,

it tears me apart.

A needle in my heart.


HG – 2000-2005

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