Mono (of one)

Self-inflicted – the worst kind of betrayal.

With no love for the life,

I’m living to fail.

Oh yeah, I tried to tell you,

in every way I know how,

but you were never really listening;

I guess I can see that now.


I can see I’ve been lying to myself,

can’t expect you to be any help,

so I try to find ways

to do it on my own.

Must be some other way

I’ve never been shown.


A life not full of half-truths

and self-centered hypocrites.

A world with some depth to it,

so I can see where I fit.


I fear the fundamentals

of a real life are missing from us.

We while out pointless lives

that we’ve all been sold for a promise.


Give me a break!

You expect me to take,

that we’re the crown of creation?

The best a god could make?

Though funny we revel in every mistake

and the most powerful man in the world is a fake.


We’re so cluttered and confused,

I need to clear my fucking head.


Every time – I look back – I go blind.

Keep thinking that I’ll

see change on the outside.

Think I’ll just say “Fuck it.”

and change my mind instead.


Could you be as different,

as different,

as you could be?

Could you be something,

something that has never been?


Be not as others,

no other can set you free.


HG – 2000-2005

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