Forces conspire – death and desire,

to set you up – take you down,

let you hang on barbed wire.

People and politics,

heathens and heretics,

persuade and invade you

and ply you with tricks.

Want you to submit

to their useless shit,

convinced that it’s gold,

but it’s you who’s sold.


No reason – no meaning,

they’re stealing everything

that ever meant anything.

Don’t fall for a lie

of fame – of wealth – of salvation.

All of their promises are ash,

just false friends

and fake Christs.

Their time will pass

only if you fight.



Lies of the most obvious kind.

There’s too many thieves

and no inspiration,

we’ve sold them the keys

to our hearts and minds.



Because the devil’s in the details.

No difference in their shit

that kills all the Indy sales.

And pimps and preachers,

who all act like teachers,

so you know how to dress,

while you die from the stress.

They are so convincing,

don’t know what you’re missing,

you gave them the power,

so while you’re submitting;

go fuck yourself!



It’s all lies


Stole your mind


All its forms


Lie no more.


HG – 2000-2005

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