Ocean of Reflection


a little piece of everything

is what we are.

Somehow we live

with our eyes turned

inside so far.


We don’t see past you or me,

can’t reconcile this separation,

together we might become something more;

all cowering in what has gone before.

Fear of pain and abandonment,

we cling to the words,

no knowing what they meant.

Keep ourselves within our only outlet

and thus,

the sea of consciousness becomes a toilet.

And you’re to blame,

and I’m to blame,

we’re so ashamed, but too proud to admit it.


There’s something

keeping us apart,

divided and weak without our lovers.

Learned to settle

for what’s given,

or what’s easiest;

our corpses pave the path

of least resistance.

To lose the self,

within the ocean of reflection,

far better than

what we could ever imagine.

Think that each of us

is a body unto themselves,

we’re just floating in the water,

undulating with the swells.

Convinced that we can plot the currents,

or consider ourselves saved;

I think I see your face in the waves.


We come from something bigger,

this I’m sure.

Hard and fast as God,

or infinitely more obscure.

Each person;

derived from an ocean of reflection,

yet you persist

to think you have control.

In an attempt to gain a part

you give up the whole.

We need to remind each other

where we come from.

Otherwise, another monkey we become.

No power on this planet

can contrive

of a bigger thought than why

we are alive.


We are born – all to be together,

but so much has come between

and severed – us away.

And you’re to blame,

and I’m to blame,

we’re so ashamed, but too proud to admit it.

We’re all to blame,

slowly drifting away.


We are what’s precious to each other.

Don’t give up – it’s what we’re here for.

To be born and live and die together.

Our ocean of reflection

in it we exist.

When the mind is collective,

we will succumb to resist

and be what we were meant to be;

I with you and you with me.


HG – 2000-2005

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