Invitation To A Fight

Approaching the expression

with no regard for caution

slave away for somethin’

I don’t even need.


Calling on you to find me

in my brilliant night,

for I have been blinded

by delight – and never missed them.


Hope is like a long forgotten,

misbegotten, woman that I kissed,

then twisted out of true.

Malformed image in mind,

out of step – but from the heart;

this point of view.


Can I hold a candle to you

and illuminate you face?

Or are you hiding in disgrace

and looking ugly?

Will you come down to see the kill?

Or is conscience binding your free will?

It’s magic, or just little pills

that make you laugh and eyes shine;

this life has stolen the light from mine.


Still crawl up every day

to where oblivion allows me,

you too can have this trophy,

that is my dying body.

Turn to ash or tincture,

but this out of focus picture

will always stay the same;

forever just a little insane.


Have it all,

for it’s depreciating rapidly

and I can’ stop, but I can’t say

it’s retro bullshit.

Force open my mind and I’ll get away with it,

but I don’t wanna know what it is.


Half asleep, or slow to wake;

you always seem to take such a long time.

You say the fur is fake,

but the meat is real.

Your conflicts draw me inside

to die.


Another fight and my face smashed,

my check is cashed,

I guess I went the wrong way.

So I call you up and ask you

to come bathe away my hurt,

but you never stay.


So take this gift,

this broken toy and put it on the wall.

The man has killed the little boy,

might as well have it all.

I’m giving me to you,

for my safety is unsure.

I’ll probably fight the whole way,

But I think that I’ll just

trust a girl like you.


Come on over

and take this child away,

his youth has died and so,

said all he had to say

so many years ago.


HG – 2000-2005

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