Heals All Wounds

So many scars on my body

from the past, that’s all done

and over now healing

sleep as it comes.


So many years,

now all in the past,

been burning and cutting,

the learning that lasts.


Come through,

now Heaven and Hell lay behind.

No forward vision

the future is blind.

This is how I live,

how I shall survive,

by giving I take in;

all this comes as no surprise.


When it fails,

grip the rails – pay the price that it entails.

No numb now,

dumb to how;

can’t just pray I’ll come around.


Plagued and purchased

my soul for a promise,

got to be life in this;

somewhere beyond.

Scarred and severed,

put back together,

this goes on forever,

but doesn’t last long.


-All scars heal in time-

-Hard heart – Steel Mind-

-Life through all tests-

-This time don’t rest-


HG – 2000-2005

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