Theory of Negativity

Consumption to the point of compulsion,

rejection a foregone conclusion.

This state of paradox,

tried to put it in a box

and failed miserably.

This lack of fulfillment,

the dark sun that nourishes me.

Desiccated faith no longer,

persuaded to death in anger,

when tried for a life

of blasphemy.


Direct – The Theory of Negativity


Construed by believers

who do not believe

as a mislead tragedy,

to be treated with pity and grief.

Burned and cut with sharp tongues,

judge the worth of what I’ve done,

while I cross the line again

and pour my blood out for all to see.

More than just a part of me.


Resurrect – Theory of Negativity


I invite the rapture.

Fuck the perfect picture.

Pull out my dick

and piss in the face

of hope – of right – of fucking liars.

Sin no longer,

death birth’s stronger;

kill your sons,

corrupt your daughters.

Revel like the devil,

transcend your weak ass level.

Below and above at the same time,

as I mutilate my sick mind.

Respond to pain with lust

and paranoia as a trust.

My worth is inadequacy.


Feel this – Theory of Negativity

consuming – absence my family

your fear – magnified to infinity.


HG – 2000-2005

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