Seeing What It Does

I probably should have mentioned,

that this moment is fleeting

and we have but an instant

to make that impression revealing.


I – the open book,

though you never liked it at all.

Thought you had what it took,

guess that I was wrong.


Hope it’ll never come as a great shock

to your flexible moral code,

took what you needed

and left me standing in the road.


And there I stood, a twice blind fool,

’til along came a bus;

to shake me out of my reflections

and return me to the dust.


– Yeah, you had a fuckin’ impact,

on this broken shell that was,

is a being empty,

blind cataract – seeing what it does.


You walk and talk and fuckin’ suck,

never think to wonder how or why?

Just drain and take all that you need,

give token, bullshit promises

and leave them when they’re dry.


Manipulator – need your fix

act like you’re the dominatrix

to cover your submissive ass,

because he hurt you in the past.


And you whine and cry,

think suicide when you’re alone.

Inside you’ll die,

without your other

to get you by;

it cuts you to the bone.

It’s gonna come back around,

hope you’ve all stocked up on suckers,

because this pain remains

what you’ve made, motherfuckers!


HG – 2000-2005

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